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New maps for TF2 within two months

For PC, with 360/PS3 to be confirmed.

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Valve is planning to release two more maps for Team Fortress 2 "within the next two months", according to TF2 superhero Robin Walker.

One is based on Team Fortress Classic's Badlands, he told Shacknews, and Valve expects to ship more content in the meantime.

Badlands is a pair of bases separated by cliffs and canyons, or at least it was in TFC. Or at least it was in TFC according to websites I found through Google. "This is a great map if there are not too many snipers," says a man who thinks blue text goes well on a black background. "I hate having to run across the level every time I get sniped!" Lols!

PC gamers can definitely look forward to those maps (although remember: Valve and release dates), but apparently Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have yet to be confirmed.

The stuff we'll be getting in the meantime should include the new Medic Achievement pack, along with a significant albeit unspecified gameplay tweak that Valve is going to trial with the Medic before hopefully introducing throughout the game.

Walker, who once took me to a Mexican restaurant, says that he's "really looking forward to the community reaction".

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