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New Kingdom Hearts game begins closed betas next month


A blonde man in a white coat and hat points a Keyblade towards the camera. Light is emitting from the end of the Keyblade
Image credit: Square Enix

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, the next game in the Disney-meets-Final-Fantasy series, for Android and iOS, and sign-ups for the closed beta are now open.

Square describes the game as a "GPS action RPG" featuring new characters and a new story within the Kingdom Hearts universe.

The developer hasn't revealed much else about the game, though from the trailer gameplay looks to be split between open-world exploration and battles against Heartless enemies.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Teaser TrailerWatch on YouTube

Familiar Disney characters will appear, including Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, and Winnie the Pooh, as well as series protagonists Sora and Riku, albeit as summons rather than party members. According to the closed beta FAQ, players will be able to form a party with up to three other players "within a close proximity".

The game teases the world of Scala ad Caelum, which was first introduced in the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X (pronounced as "chi", like the Greek letter) and later expanded upon in Kingdom Hearts 3. It's not clear how player location will tie into gameplay, but at one point the trailer shows a map with a player icon, and surrounding icons for enemy encounters and friendly Disney faces, suggesting something similar to Pokémon Go raids.

A closed beta will take place for iOS players on 29th November to 8th December, whilst Android players will get their chance to try the game in January 2024. Currently, only residents of the UK or Australia can sign up for the closed beta, with applications open on the official Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link website. Around 3000 participants combined from the UK and Australia will be selected to take part in the beta.

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