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New Katamari not on Wii, PS3

Namco Bandai removes listings.

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Listings for Eternal Sonata on PS3 and Beautiful Katamari on Wii and PS3 have been removed from the Namco Bandai America website. Once again, both are now Xbox 360 exclusives.

The offending words were posted up earlier this week, listing all new versions of the games with "TBA" dates.

Namco Bandai has been cagey in the past about confirming that all of its Katamari eggs were in Microsoft's basket, having originally announced Beautiful as a multi-platform title.

The game later emerged as a Live Arcade exclusive thanks to lethargic sales of the PS3, although rumours it would appear on Wii remained constant. We expect the relative size and resource requirements of the game would make it relatively straight forward to port.

Eternal Sonata, too, has been mentioned on PS3 before now. Back in April the ESRB website produced a listing for the game on Sony's console, but all parties involved shut-up shop and refused to comment at the time.

Namco Bandai Europe was unable to comment on the US website happenings this morning, unfortunately, so we'll have to wait until that side of the world wakes up for comment.

Both games are awaited with huge anticipation. Pop over to our Eternal Sonata and Beautiful Katamari gamepages to find out more.

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