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Eternal Sonata not 360-exclusive

ESRB listing spills beans.

Namco Bandai remained tight-lipped this morning when asked whether Eternal Sonata would be coming to PlayStation 3, sticking to the firm ground of "no comment".

The publisher was speaking in light of a listing on the ESRB website that suggests the game's not as exclusive to Xbox 360 as we thought. While it's far from confirmation, the Ratings Board has historically provided big clues as to what we'll see in the future.

While Eternal Sonata - Trusty Bell to some of you - looked to be adding considerable strength to Microsoft's Japanese RPG portfolio, it was never promoted as a console specific title, leaving many to expect a Sony offering somewhere down the line.

The game is based around the musical influence of Polish pianist Frederic Chopin. It takes place within a dream world that the composer supposedly entered three hours prior to his death. Here he met other people also suffering from incurable diseases (his was tuberculosis) that conjured magical powers from musical themes.

It's cheerful, colourful and beautiful, according to our own Rob Fahey, and looks more and more like a must-buy for JRPG fans with each passing day. You can read our full first impressions of Eternal Sonata elsewhere on the site.

Eternal Sonata is due for release this summer in Japan and the US. Unfortunately we're still waiting for confirmation of the game in Europe.

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Eternal Sonata

PS3, Xbox 360

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