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New Hyrule Warriors trailer shows off its expansive cast

Four minutes of gameplay reveals lots of cool moves and monsters.

A new four-minute trailer for Hyrule Warriors has popped up, bringing us up to speed on its expansive cast and their even more expansive move sets.

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We even get to see some boss fights like Usurper King Zant from Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword's recurring baddie Demon Lorg Ghirahim, and some other familiar dungeon bosses.

There also appears to be some oldschool top-down 8-bit challenges hearkening back to the original 1986 The Legend of Zelda.

Hyrule Warriors' current roster of playable characters includes: Link, Zelda: Impa, Midna, Agitha, Fi, Princess Ruto, Darunia, Sheik, and vaguely out of place anime-inspired newcomer to the series Lana.

Developed by Dynasty Warriors studio, Omega Force, Hyrule Warriors looks like quite the departure for the 28 year old series. Eurogamer contributor Tony Coles is a big fan of the Dynasty Warriors games and wrote extensively about what makes them great and how Hyrule Warriors could be a great primer for the niche large-scale brawling franchise.

Hyrule Warriors is due exclusively on Wii U on 26th September.

Hyrule Warriors' 8-bit sections suggest the game is more than just a Dynasty Warriors reskin.