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New House of the Dead for Wii

Gore blimey.

SEGA has announced a new arrival in the House of the Dead family: Wii-only 'OVERKILL'.

The announcement arrived holding hands with the rather fetching trailer, which you can see now over on Eurogamer TV.

Overkill's looking like a tremendously grindhousey affair, offering just enough post-modern and 'golden era' slasher schtick to catch the eye of our old friend Trendy McZeitgeist whilst keeping the core fans happy.

We're particularly enamoured with its use of rattlesnakes and spiders to emphasise the TERROR, a trick which the American administration will no doubt be picking up shortly.

Head marketing zombie Gary Knight is certainly pretty stoked about it, gushing that OVERKILL will be "Paying homage to the pulp horror comics and films that inspired generations of gore fans... [and] will expose gamers to a brand-new fleshy rollercoaster ride of revolting dismemberment."

You can't say fairer than that, although we would like to take this opportunity to express our concern that SEGA is attempting to single-handedly spoil the "family fun" image of the Wii.

Apparently the game is actually a sequel, swooshing back through the old spacetime continuum to the start of veteran zombie masher Agent G's career as he embarks on his first assignment with the gritty Detective Washington.

Sent to a small town in the Louisiana bayou to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances the pair quickly find themselves embroiled in a creaky-limbed nightmare as the zombiefied inhabitants clamour for their warm cerebellums.

We're expecting pretty much what it says on the tin from the gameplay, having been promised the usual melon-popping excitements as well as Wiimote-controlled jaw-smashing and pistol whippings. We hope, as Knight asserts, that "This is the hardcore Wii title you've been waiting for".

House of the Dead: OVERKILL is slated for release on Wii in early 2009. Find out more on the official website.