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New Halo 3 live action short

Keeping Blomkamp busy then.

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Halo 3 is due out tomorrow, apparently (they kept that quiet), and as a result we have a new Neill Blomkamp live action film short to admire.

It's up on the Discovery Channel site as some sort of tie-in with a TV series about offending remote tribes in Africa or something.

In the short, a bunch of humany types fight off some aliens on what looks like a paintball course in Slough. There are big guns, big aliens and big explosions. Halo fans will probably revel in it.

For those of you failing to keep up, these live action shorts exist because Microsoft hired director Neill Blomkamp to do the proper Halo film and then the whole thing got put on hiatus.

Microsoft is still hopeful we'll see the film some day, particularly after they got us all excited by attaching Peter Jackson as executive director.

For more on the film, along with everything else Halo 3, pop over to our Halo 3 gamepage.

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