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New Duke Nukem Forever DLC out next week

The Doctor Who Cloned Me adds single player campaign.

A new Duke Nukem Forever DLC expansion goes live on 13th December, developer Gearbox has announced.

Titled The Doctor Who Cloned Me, it adds a new single player campaign that sees Duke taking on Dr Proton in Area 51. Take a look at the screens below for more.

The expansion features brand new weapons, new enemy types and bosses, additional Achievements and various new interactive items.

You'll also get four new multiplayer maps:

  • Sky High: The alien-infested corporate offices of Pooty, Inc. near the center of Las Vegas. This map includes three indoor floors taken over by the aliens and two rooftops, jump pads, stairwells and building-to-building combat.
  • COMMAND: EDF command center with an imprisoned BattleLord at its core! A two-level map featuring winding stairs, straightaway corridors, and jump pads.
  • DROP ZONE: Rooftop of Duke's Lady Killer Casino featuring indoor and outdoor combat, stairwells for platforming, an EDF dropship on a landing pad and a bottomless pit.
  • BIOHAZARD: Fight in the Breston Plant Nuclear Power facilities and compete across multiple floors in locker rooms, restrooms with showers, control rooms, and the nuclear waste storage room.

The pack will set you back your regional equivalent of $9.99 on PC and PlayStation 3, or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.

The series' long-in-the-offing comeback limped to a dismal 4/10 in Eurogamer's Duke Nukem Forever review following its June launch earlier this year.