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New BioShock 2 maps causing problems

Plus: Rebirth glitch wiping player stats.

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The BioShock 2 community reports having a torrid time trying to play the new Rapture Metro downloadable maps.

2K Games isn't running a map rotation exclusively for the six new areas, and public games default to the old rotation should anyone join who doesn't have the DLC.

Even when all present have bought the Rapture Metro Pack, there's only a 37.5 per cent chance what you play will be new, as there are 10 old maps compared to six new.

"We didn't want to assume everyone would have the maps, and we didn't want to split the player base (because in previous weeks, we'd already established that sucks)," wrote community bod Elizabeth Tobey on the 2K forum (recorded by Rapture Archives).

"So DLC maps are in public map rotation if everyone has the content, and otherwise base maps are used - that way you can play with your friends even if they don't have the DLC content.

"If you want to only play DLC maps, however, private matches are the best way to go about that - that way you can use only those maps."

You cannot gain rank in private matches.

What's more, the Rebirth ability introduced in the Rapture Metro DLC has apparently wiped some users' online stats, leaving only their game-time intact. The Rebirth ability was intended to down-Rank a player to level 1 again and give them a golden bunny mask to reflect their achievement. A win/lose stat was supposed to remain.

The Rapture Metro Pack was released on 11th May for 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80 / €9.60) or $9.99 on PS3. A PC version is "coming soon".

2K is looking into the matter for Eurogamer.

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