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Neill Blomkamp's live action Anthem short film is very short indeed

Empty clip.

Conviction, the live action Anthem short film from District 9 director Neil Blomkamp, is now available to watch online.

When publisher EA described Conviction as a new Anthem "story", many were expecting... well, an actual story. Instead, Conviction is simply a live-action trailer. It's a thrilling one, for sure, and one which clearly has had some budget put behind it. But it's more clips of a story than a tale itself.

It won't take you long to watch:

Watch on YouTube

Maybe there's a part two?

There's not long now until the launch of Anthem the game - which does have a proper story. It arrives next week on 22nd February, or you can start playing tomorrow, 15th February, if you're an Origin/EA Access subscriber.

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