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NCSoft's sci-fi MMO WildStar will launch in 2013

In the meantime, why not meet the Exile faction?

NCSoft's pretty excited about its new sci-fi MMO, WildStar. It's so excited, in fact, that it's just revealed that the game will be launching at some point in 2013 - no idea exactly when, though.

It's also released a video that details the Exile, who are the goodies of the game's two factions. They're scrappy hicksters, by the looks of it: a rebel alliance who have come to the mysterious planet of Nexus in order to find a place to live. Just like that bit in Arrested Development where Buster tries to make a new home for himself under a front yard trampoline in Santa Ana.

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Alongside humans, Exile players will be able to pick between Granock and Aurin characters, along with a mysterious fourth race that has yet to be announced, if we're understanding the video correctly. Granock are rock people, who should be good at fightin' and fumin'. Aurin have bunny ears and tails and really care about the environment.

We'll have a preview of the latest build going up next week, which will look at the game's baddies faction and explore a pretty new area called Deradune. In the meantime, as a reminder, WildStar's a fairly classical sci-fi MMO with lovely art. As well as picking a faction, a race and a class, though, you also select a path, choosing between a soldier or an explorer, for example, and receiving a range of optional missions tailored to your particular playstyle.

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