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Mythic hints at WAR's Orc Choppa

New career teased with Governator prank.

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Mythic continues to have fun with Warhammer Online bloggers and tease the announcement of new Warhammer Online classes this week. The MMO's developer has dropped a very heavy hint that we'll see the Orc Choppa soon.

The Greenskin has received a package containing a DVD of classic 80s action flick Predator, and instructions to watch it at one hour, 16 minutes and 16 seconds in.

That's when governor of California and Austrian man-mountain utters the immortal line, "Get to da choppa!"

This follows last week's riddle, in which Keen and Graev's blog received a slightly more cryptic package hinting at the unveiling of the Dwarf Slayer career. Both parcels included a card promising more information this Thursday, 29th January.

The Orc Choppa is a berserker-style melee fighter, and was originally planned to appear when Warhammer Online launched in September last year. However, it was pulled alongside three other careers and when, according to Mythic, they didn't prove fun enough.

Two of these - Empire and Dark Elf tanking classes - have already been reinstated. Going by the latest hints, the Choppa will return, while the Dwarf Hammerer will be replaced with the Slayer.

We'll know more soon, and you'll find it - along with everything else WAR - at the Warhammer Online gamepage.

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