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Warhammer Online adds new careers

Early access now, everyone else next week.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has added two new character classes, the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard, in its latest patch this week.

For now, they're only available to players who completed the Heavy Metal live event. But according to Mythic, they'll be added for everyone next week.

This means that next week will see the release of the game's first major update, Game Update 1.1.0. We already know that this release will include a revamp for open-world realm-versus-realm play, as well as new quest chains, Lairs and Tome of Knowledge unlocks.

In the meantime, this week's patch brings a raft of changes to existing careers, with nine of them getting full Mastery point refunds to make the most of their new builds. There are also a number of fixes to the responsiveness and animation of combat, which was one of our principal complaints when we reviewed WAR back in September.

Look out for our first re-review of Warhammer Online early in the new year.

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