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Mythic hints at WAR Dwarf Slayer

Also, Zone Domination on the way.

Warhammer Online developer Mythic has been entertaining itself posting videos on YouTube and sending cryptic packages to bloggers - the latter hinting that a new class, the Dwarf Slayer, could be on the way.

Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog received a parcel containing hair clippers, hair colour creme, and a note promising "more to come" on the 29th January.

This was initially taken as a suggestion that WAR might be about to introduce customisable hairstyles. Then a keen-eyed commenter pointed out that, in Warhammer lore, the Dwarf Slayer - a beserker with a death-wish, basically - takes the Slayer Oath by dying his hair orange and cutting it into a mohawk.

The Slayer has been widely tipped to be coming to WAR ever since Mythic revealed that one of the game's four cut classes wouldn't be returning.

Meanwhile, in a birthday video blog, creative director Paul Barnett has revealed a Zone Domination system in the works that will make capturing objectives in realm-versus-realm zones, as he puts it, "less rubbish".

Producer Jeff Hickman calls it a "supplemental way of capturing zones... if you can capture every keep and hold it, you have a very good chance of capturing that zone". It's intended to give players more reason to defend and hold keeps and other areas once they've captured them.

Zone Domination is expected to be delivered in the next patch, 1.1.1. More info at the Warhammer Online gamepage.