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MS explains XBL friends limit

Is this like the 28-day thing?

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Ever wondered why you can only have 100 people on your Xbox Live Friends list? Probably not. You're not very popular, after all. But apparently there is a limit, and Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg says it will be lifted "in the future".

Speaking to 1UP, Greenberg said that "it's something we definitely want to do and something we're looking at doing in the future, but it's been more technically complicated than anyone anticipated". For why, Aaron?

Interdependencies, he says. Apparently some original Xbox games "have friends lists hard coded in", among other things. However, he says, the majority of users don't have 30 friends, let alone 100.

Of course, nowadays you can check, thanks to a feature in the most recent Xbox 360 dashboard update that allows you to spy on your friends' friends lists. At least until they opt out of that by pretending to be a child and putting "OPERATION ORE" in their biography information.

How many friends do you have, Eurogamers?

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