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Moss: Book 2 makes the leap from PSVR to Meta Quest 2 this July

Quill switch.

We knew it was coming, but Moss: Book 2 finally has a release date on Meta Quest 2, with Polyarc's adorable VR adventure sequel set to make the jump from PSVR on 21st July.

Moss: Book 2, which picks up immediately after the events of the first game, once again builds its action around a hybrid of first-person and third-person perspectives as players, in the role of an omniscient spirit, help guide mouse protagonist Quill on her quest to free the land from the clutches of the evil Arcane.

Polyarc's sequel initially launched for PSVR earlier this year, and Eurogamer's resident virtual reality aficionado Ian Higton was delighted to revisit the series' cinematic blend of puzzling and combat in his glowing Moss: Book 2 review.

Moss: Book 2 - The First 90 Minutes.Watch on YouTube

"Moss: Book 2 is without a doubt a game that deserves to be played, especially if you fell in love with the original," Ian wrote. "[It's] a sequel that plays it safe, and there were plenty of points at the beginning where I felt like I'd seen it all before, especially in regards to the enemies - but the emotional twists and the new gameplay mechanics introduced later on ensured I was left wanting more by the end."

Those who've yet to play the original Moss and would like to do so before the sequel's 21st July launch on Meta Quest 2, can currently pick up the first game with a 25% discount, but only for the next three days.

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