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More NeverDead DLC announced

New playable character, challenges due next week.

A second batch of NeverDead DLC arrives on 29th February, publisher Konami has announced.

NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 2 adds new playable character NADA Chief Sullivan to the gam's online modes as well as two costumes for protagonist Bryce Boltzmann.

You'll also get three new challenges for the expanded Sewers level - 'Egg Hunt', in which you'll compete to collect valuables; 'Fragile Alliance', which sees competitors race to a series of checkpoints; and 'Onslaught', which tasks you with dispatching armies of demons.

The add-on will set you back €4.00/320 Microsoft Points.

NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 1 launched today at the same price, also adding a new character, costumes and challenges.

The Rebellion-developed adventure arrived in stores earlier this month to mixed reviews.

"NeverDead hasn't been given room to get the most out of its strange ideas, but it's still plucky, warm-hearted and genuinely idiosyncratic. How often can you say that about a shooter these days?" read Eurogamer's 6/10 NeverDead review.

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