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Rebellion working on NGP shooter?

Reworks internal engine, scouts for work.

Aliens vs. Predator developer Rebellion has a third person shooter in the works for Sony's forthcoming NGP handheld, and is shopping its reworked game engine to publishers in search of more work.

According to Develop, the British studio has modified its Asura engine to "fully support" Sony's new device and has a playable demo of an as-yet unannounced third person shooter up and running to show off the tech.

There's no confirmation whether the game is just a tech demo or will materialise as a full game, but the developer is planning to take its engine on the road in search of interested publishers.

"The technology, design and art teams have worked incredibly well with Sony's newest device," explained studio co-founder Jason Kingsley.

"We have managed to make our engine fully functional, and looking great on the hardware in double quick time. We'll be attending DICE and GDC to show what we have created and look for business partners."

You can see Rebellion's Asura tech in action in the aforementioned Aliens vs. Predator, as well as 2007's so-so The Simpsons Game, duff 2009 console shooter Rogue Warrior and PSP tie-in Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.

Rebellion's one confirmed project is PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 action horror effort NeverDead for Konami.

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