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Moody puzzler The Room Three is finally coming to PC next month

And it's looking swisher than ever.

Fireproof Games has revealed that the third entry in its superb puzzle-box saga, The Room Three, is finally coming to PC next month, on November 13th.

It has, of course, been a long time coming. The Room Three originally launched on mobile devices back in 2015, and it's been more than two years since its predecessor, The Room Two, arrived on PC. Still, Fireproof hasn't exactly been resting on its laurels since then; it released a fourth entry in the series - The Room: Old Sins - on mobile in January, and the original game came to Switch earlier this month.

Furthermore, Fireproof Games hasn't been content to simply dump The Room Three's mobile version straight onto PC. Instead, it's chosen to fancy up the experience considerably, with rebuilt environments, new textures, new lighting, and improved atmospheric effects. It looks gorgeous, as you can see in the comparison video below.

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As you might imagine, The Room Three continues to expand on the template introduced in the series earlier games. While The Room Two unfolded across a series of largely discrete rooms, each containing a variety of contraptions to poke, prod, and probe (unlike the first game, which constrained itself to a single elaborate puzzle box), The Room Three goes even further; this time, it features interconnected rooms with interconnected contraptions, allowing for much richer puzzle design. It still manages to maintain its delightfully macabre atmosphere, however.

Fireproof hasn't said how much The Room Three will cost when it launches on November 13th (although previous PC instalments have weighed in at an entirely reasonable £3.99 apiece), but you can keep an eye on its Steam page for further details.

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