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Monument Valley dev's Alba: A Wildlife Adventure comes to consoles next week

Out on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, the acclaimed open-world exploration game from Monument Valley developer UsTwo, will - after winning over iOS and Steam audiences last year - be making its way to Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch next Wednesday, 9th June.

Alba shares a similar focus on good deeds and community spirit as UsTwo's antique restoration game Assemble with Care, but fashions a much more open-ended adventure around that feel-good core, casting players as young girl Alba as she whiles away the summer on the sprawling Mediterranean island of Pinar del Mar, her best friend Ines in tow.

"However, when Alba finds out about plans to build a garish hotel on the site of the island's nature reserve," explains UsTwo, "she sets out to stop it!"

Alba: a Wildlife Adventure - Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

It's a relaxing adventure that stretches all across Pinar del Mar - from its glorious beaches to its forests, farmland, even castle ruins - as Alba does her best to make a difference. "Whether it's photographing animals, people and places, finding rare animals, locating lost pets, inspiring volunteers or just repairing a broken bird box," says UsTwo, "there's loads for players to do."

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan was delighted by Alba: A Wildlife Adventure on its initial release last year, applauding its "quiet restorative magic" and "wonderfully snug open world" as he slapped it with a Recommended badge. And if that piques your interest, Alba will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Switch next Wednesday, 9th June.