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Monster Hunter World Grimalkynes - Doodles explained, how to catch 3 Protectors, find Troopers and Bugtrappers

How to get your head around Grimalkynes and Doodles in Monster Hunter World for useful upgrades.

Monster Hunter World Grimalkynes are optional creatures found out in the world you can find and interact with.

Not unlike Palicos, these native creatures can give you new abilities if you complete their quests.

Plus, they're an opportunity to explore areas you might have overlooked previously, many of which featuring new campsite locations.

Elsewhere, our Monster Hunter World tips can help you decide when to farm, what to forage and what to do between hunts, and our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide can help with main quest and story progress.

What are Grimalkynes in Monster Hunter World?

Grimalkynes are Palico-like creatures inhabiting certain regions of the game.

As you explore regions such as the Ancient Forest, you'll come across Doodles on walls. Like monsters, these Doodles can be interacted with and researched, and lead you to that region's Grimalkynes once you have collected enough.

Once you have found enough Doodles, return to that region in Expedition mode, then open your map, select the Grimalkyne trail (such as Bugtrappers in Ancient Forest, or Protectors in Wildspire Wastes) in the bottom left corner, and follow the trail.

Upon finding the region's Grimalkynes - and / or completing their associated quests - you will then unlock the following benefits for your Palico:

  • A new Palico Gadget
  • The ability to recruit small creatures to help in battle

These are specifically what you'll unlock:

LocationGrimalkynePalico GadgetTailraider
Ancient ForestBugtrapperFlashfly CageJagras
Wildspire WasteProtectorShieldspire Kestadon
Coral HighlandTrooperCoral OrchestraShamos
Rotten ValePlundererPlunderbladeGirros
Elder's RecessGajalakaMeowlotovGastodon
Hoarfrost Reach (Iceborne location)BoaboaTailraider SignalWulg

Grimalkynes are not to be confused with Tailraiders, which are similar creatures that appear on your map from time to time (though at the end of a questline Grimalkynes can be recruited as Tailraiders, too.)

Approaching them will see your Palico converse and recruit one for the remainder of the session, essentially giving you a second Palico, assisting in battle and able to collect additional items.

It should also be noted that:

  • Later regions don't require you to find Doodles first, but are simply encountered in set areas.
  • Each 'quest' has a different requirement - some are hunts, others are capturing or handing over items.
  • Though not confirmed, it appears that you may have to do these Grimalkyne quests in order (so Ancient Forest, then Wildspire Waste, then Coral Highlands, and finally Rotten Vale).
  • Even with the above in mind, it might be the case that Grimalkynes might not spawn at all. Try an expedition later to see if you have any luck.

Where to find Grimalkyne Bugtrappers in the Ancient Forest

First, collect Doodles you'll find on trees and rocks as you explore the Ancient Forest. Then enter Expedition mode, highlight the trail and away you go.

It'll take you to area 17 in the north-east part of the map, high up in the trees. Following the trail will take you to a new campsite location, then shortly after, where the Grimalkynes are based.

(It should be noted that after the campsite is a vine you need to swing over. Don't jump here, but run at the ledge for a leaping and swinging animation to take over!)

Once you find the camp, there's no sidequest to undertake - you'll simply unlock the Flashfly Cage Palico gadget and the ability to recruit Jagras in battle.

Where to find Grimalkyne Protector locations in the Wildspire Wastes

Like the Ancient Forest, you'll find Doodles on rocks and walls in the Wildspire Wastes. Collect enough, then enter Expedition mode, highlight the trail and follow where it goes.

It'll take you to the north-most area 15, which is found by dropping down a hole in the ground in the overworld. You'll find the Grimalkynes shortly afterward. You may have to give chase at this point, but keep following until it stops at a camp.

You'll be given a quest to find three Protectors out in the Wildspire Wastes. Protectors are Grimalkynes that appear randomly on the map (if you are struggling to see them, change the level all the way out, and they should be easier to see.)

If you zoom out to a different level to remove other icons, Protectors should be easier to spot.

Go to that location, and when close enough, a green highlight will show their exact location. Equip your Capture Net (read our how to capture monsters page if you want to know what else this item is good for), aim it at the creature and walk towards it.

As soon as the reticle turns orange, fire the net, and it should capture it. If not, then don't worry - open the map back up and find another location, and repeat. The Ghille Mantle appears to have no impact on the Protectors, by the way.

Once you have all three, you need to first return to Astera to hand in, then back to the north Grimalkyne camp to complete the mission.

Finishing it will give you the Shieldspire and the ability to recruit Kestadon in battle.

Where to find Grimalkyne Trooper locations in Coral Highlands

First, check your map to see where Grimalkynes are in a group. For us this was in area 10. When you get there, you should see some Grimalkynes riding Shamos.

They will attack, and don't worry, it's totally fine to fight back. Once the group is clear, the Grimalkynes will flee. Give chase and they'll take you to their camp in area 11, and give you a quest to hunt two Tzitzu-Ya-Ku.

Once you have done that (if you have taken down one, two in a single session is fine, especially if you have upgraded a little since that encounter) you'll be given the Coral Orchestra as a reward, and the next time you organise your Palico, the ability to ride Shamos.

Where to find Grimalkynes in Rotten Vale

We've put the Grimalkynes in the Rotten Vale - specifically to unlock the Plunderblade - as well as Gajalakas and Boaboa on their own pages, since there is a degree more complexity than the above quests.

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