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Monster Hunter World Gajalaka quests - How to find all Gajalaka markings and complete Gajalaka Linguistics 2

How to complete the Gajalaka quest and stealth past every Gajalaka in the second Linguistics quest.

The Monster Hunter World Gajalaka quests are optional late game bounties you can chip away at between High Rank hunts.

Similar to Grimalkynes, Gajalakas are native creatures you can befriend, giving you abilities once you have completed the relevant bounties.

Elsewhere, our Monster Hunter World tips can help you decide when to farm, what to forage and what to do between hunts, and our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide can help with main quest and story progress.

Gajalakas markings in Monster Hunter World explained

Gajalaka are Grimalkyne-like creatures that appear throughout High Rank versions of each area.

While on your first encounters Grimalkyne could flee, Gajalaka can be surprisingly aggressive towards you, but in time it's possible to befriend them for help in battle, as well as unlocking a new Tailraider and Palico Gadget.

To get started, you must have unlocked High Rank, and have completed every prior Grimalkyne quest in Low Rank.

From there, you can interact with Gajalaka markings on walls. These act just like Grimalykne doodles, but instead of a gauge, you will start a Bounty to find a total of 10 across all areas.

These are harder to come by than Gajalaka doodles, and are located differently for each player. Our recommendation is to simply continue playing the game in High Rank, keeping an eye out for where these markings appear.

They will sometimes be near Gajalakas, other times not. If it helps, some hotspots for us were the north-west forested part of the Wildspire Waste, and area 1 of the Elder's Recess, but again, they are different for everyone.

With the Bounty completed, head back to Astera and chat to the Lynian Researcher near the Research team.

He wants us to study the Gajalakas, so enter Expedition mode and travel to Elder's Recess; you may have to have this area unlocked before this step can begin - it's not too far into High Rank, so keep playing.

How to complete Gajalaka Linguists 2

Once you have spoken to the Lynian Researcher after finding 10 markings, head to Elder's Recess in Expedition mode. We recommend packing the Ghillie Mantle before you set out.

The Lynian Researcher will appear just outside area 8. On the map it looks like it's area 4, but you need to head underground. From the southern-most camp, head north-east, take the path going a level down, north-east round the corner, and scale the wall. The Researcher will be next to a cave entrance on the right.

In order to start the next step, it needs to be night time. There is no simple way to forward time beyond simply waiting, so pop the controller down for 20 minutes, or maybe have an explore of the area. It could be a good time to farm some new bones and ores!

When the stars are out in the sky, it's time to return to the Lynian Researcher. What follows is a stealth section, where you must pass Gajalaka sentries to their hideout.

There are three sections; a Gajalaka on the corner, then after crawling underneath a crystal, one throwing bombs on a corner ledge, then immediately after that, two around a campfire directly ahead of the hideout entrance.

If you are spotted - indicated by your mini-map glowing red - you cannot access the hideout (the button prompt to enter simply won't appear). If you are spotted, run back until the mini-map returns to normal, then try again.

It's a particularly tough challenge, and by far the easiest option is to equip the Ghillie Mantle (if you don't have it on you, you can go back to camp, enter the tent and change your loadout without needing to go back to Astera). With it active, the Gajalaka won't see you.

If for whatever reason that doesn't work, then the next best method is to wait until each Gajalaka starts 'dancing' and throwing its hands in the air. You'll know this is happening as your Palico will say so. You can now walk in front of them, even if they are looking at you, and they won't react.

So in sequence, sprint past the first (it doesn't matter if you are spotted on not as the mini-map will revert to normal by the time you reach the next one), then at the second, wait until it stops throwing bombs and starts dancing.

Then, wait in the bush overlooking the camp, and when both are dancing, carefully creep past. Again, the Ghillie Mantle is by far and away the best option here, if have it.

Once you enter the hideout, a cutscene will explain you can now recruit Gajalaka in battle (though not all of them - some will remain hostile!) and you'll receive the final Palico Gadget, the Meowlotov Cocktail.

When you speak to your Palico at your tent next, you'll also learn you can recruit Gastodon as a Tailraider in battle.

It's also worth noting the Gajalaka Linguists 2 quest is an easy way to find two additional campsites for the Elder's Recess.

One location is where you meet the Lynian Researcher. Go north and climb the wall going up, then crawl right into the cave.

For the second, once you have entered the hideout, you'll have moved across the map to the north-west corner. Take the path leading out of this hideout south, and where it opens up again will be a another campsite.

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