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Monster Hunter Rise now sold over 11m copies

Sales soar following Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise has now sold over 11m copies across Switch and PC.

Recent sales of the game have been driven by a bundle with brand new expansion Sunbreak, Capcom said in a press release.

Moreover, Sunbreak alone has sold 4m copies worldwide since its release at the end of June.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Free Title Update 1
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Free Title Update 1

As of the end of June, Monster Hunter Rise had sold 10.3m copies and was placed third on Capcom's Platinum Titles list of best selling games.

Now it's over 11m copies, it may well have overtaken Resident Evil 7 Biohazard in second place, which was at the same number at the end of June.

That would mean Capcom's top two best selling titles are both Monster Hunter, proving the power of the franchise above even the long-running Resident Evil series.

Sunbreak has already received its first free update - earlier this month four new monsters were added, as well as enhanced quests and other improvements.

Capcom will have two livestreams at the Tokyo Game Show 2022: one solely on Street Fighter 6 and another on a mix of games, which may well include more Monster Hunter news.