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Molyneux's 22cans reveals Project Godus prototype video

It's not Black & White.

A video of Project Godus in action has been revealed. It took 22cans two weeks to knock together the prototype you see.

The video arrives as Godus struggles to reach its Kickstarter funding goal of £450,000. Three days remain and the total stands at nearly £356,500 (as of 9am UK time).

The prototype shows us the simple and colourful contoured world of Project Godus in motion. It reminds me of plasticine.

As the video explains, you are a god and you gather followers the greater your power grows. These followers erect houses built at jaunty angles, and you must shape the land around them to provide area to expand.

There are what look like shrines as well, but those are the only buildings in the video.

The follower count soared and eventually the settlement spread onto the doorstep of another god's flock, and a simple battle between followers broke out.

No sign of flashy Old Testament god powers, but then this is only two weeks of work.

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