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Molyneux: Natal is bigger step than Move

Thinks Sony wand may be "for the core".

Peter Molyneux has told Eurogamer that he doesn't think PlayStation Move is the same kind of step forward as Microsoft's Project Natal, but admits he fancies a crack on Sony's new magic wand controller.

"I have seen some of it. We're not really surprised, are we? I mean at E3 last year we saw they were having a wand, and that's kind of what I expected. It looks like they've taken a step forward but it's not as big a step as something like Natal, I don't think," Molyneux told us in an interview at GDC.

"This is purely me talking personally, but I think maybe it's slightly more a device for the core than it is for the casual market, because I think it's quite precise.

"As a designer it's another one of those things I'd love to get my hands on and to play around with. As a consumer, everyone's talking about motion control now - I mean, I'm starting to get confused. It's kind of like the arms race, with the Wii MotionPlus and now the Sony Move and now I'm getting kind of confused."

Asked what he thinks of Move relative to Natal, Molyneux said it was "down to what us poor old designers do with this stuff, because all these guys do is make the hardware".

"Whether we utilise that hardware in a real way or whether we just take shortcuts, that's really going to be where we succeed or not."

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