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Molyneux backtracks on claim he will only make "one more game"

And explains why he needs Kickstarter users' money.

Curiosity developer Peter Molyneux has clarified his earlier comments that he would only develop "one more game".

Molyneux is currently working on Kickstarter project Godus, a follow-up to social experiment Curiosity: What's in the Cube?.

It has currently raised £193,503. Developer 22 Cans needs to raise more than double that - £450,000 - to get the project funded. It has 18 days to go.

"I wasn't in any way announcing my retirement or saying I'm going to throw myself off the nearest bridge after my next game," Molyneux told GamesIndustry International.

"I'm either going to stop making games when everyone in the world just hates the games I make or the day when I die. I feel more passionate, more engaged, more energetic about making games now than I ever have. The thought of retirement is abhorrent to me. I would have to be in some vegetative state to consider retirement."

This contradicts a statement made by Molyneux last month, when he mentioned that he planning an upcoming project to be his last.

"I'm only going to make one more game, I think," Molyneux said. "And that thought - the thought of every ounce of my energy, every ounce of my experience, every mistake that I've made in every single game - if I can learn from that, and use that energy to make one game... that's what I'm trying to do."

"Everyone kind of thinks I'm loaded with money and live in Versailles or something, and drive around in a gold Rolls Royce."

Peter Molyneux, founder of 22 Cans

Molyneux today added that he was prepared to seek standard publisher backing for Project Godus, should the game fail its Kickstart goals.

"We'd have to look at some of the more traditional routes," Molyneux explained. "I think it would be a tough world to be in if we weren't funded, that's for sure.

"Everyone kind of thinks I'm loaded with money and live in Versailles or something, and drive around in a gold Rolls Royce," Molyneux added, defending his decision to use crowd-funding to help pay for the game's development. "None of that is true. I'm not starving by any means, but I haven't got unlimited wealth. I used a lot of money to found 22 Cans, to release Curiosity, and to build a team of 20 people."

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