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MOH Airborne PC/360 demos

Chute you buy it?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA has released playable PC and Xbox 360 demos of Medal of Honor Airborne ahead of its 7th September release.

The 360 demo is up on Marketplace now and will occupy 972MB of enemy space, while the PC one is greedily eyeing up 1304MB.

According to Major Nelson, the 360 one features the first four objectives of Operation Husky (the Allied invasion of Sicily).

Whatever's in either, MOH Airborne on the whole revises the World War II shooter's traditional run-and-gun approach by having you parachute into levels, allowing you to target certain objectives and avoid the same experience if you get blown to shreds quickly.

It actually works very well, as demo fans are reporting, and you can read more about its methods in our Medal of Honor Airborne first impressions.

PC and 360 versions are due out on 7th September, but the PS3 version is currently TBC.

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