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Modern Warfare reboot's Captain Price wanted to be a Scouser

"We don't have enough Scouse superheroes in my opinion."

Modern Warfare reboot's Captain Price, Barry Sloane, says he pushed to give the iconic character a Liverpudlian accent.

In an interview with NME, Sloane talked about his respect for the character's original voice actor, Billy Murray, and what it was like to "physically embody" the fan-favourite character.

The PC launch trailer for Modern Warfare 2.Watch on YouTube

"Murray did an incredible performance, it was amazing," Sloane said. "That’s why people give a fuck about Captain Price from the get-go.

"However, I was the first actor with the opportunity to move him – physically embody that, and make it a 3D, modern version. I was excited, and I paid homage to him, I tried to add elements of his performance and choices, certainly in the tone."

However, Sloane was disappointed that the team chose not to go with his decision to play Price with a strong Scouse (Liverpudlian) accent, as he believes "we don't have enough Scouse superheroes".

"In the auditions, I played him Scouse and I was really pushing it because we don’t have enough Scouse superheroes in my opinion," Sloane added. "But we decided to not go down that road, and to go somewhere around where Billy did it. Billy’s a little more clipped, a little more in the system – mine’s a little more working class, I think.

"I went from that perspective and put some of it in but then added aspects of myself, and I was afforded that by Infinity Ward."

Ahead of its imminent release, earlier this week the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 team detailed its all-important PC specs. In addition to these specs, Infinity Ward also announced those who pre-ordered the game digitally would be able to get their preloads on the go. This will in turn offer up those eight days of early campaign access announced in August.

Elsewhere in Modern Warfare 2 news, earlier this month publisher Activision confirmed that new Call of Duty players on PC will still need to verify their identity via an SMS message.

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