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Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer still won't have name tags, but you'll get a diamond instead

Shining like a flashbang.

Infinity Ward has shared a list of changes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer ahead of tomorrow's release. The changes were made in response to feedback from the beta.

The biggest change is the addition of diamond icons above enemy heads to increase visibility.

In the beta, there was no indicator to differentiate between friendly and enemy players. This was traditionally achieved through name tags in previous games, but Infinity Ward took the design decision to remove them, seemingly to add to realism. Players didn't take kindly to the change and called for the return of name tags. Diamond icons are therefore a compromise between good enemy visibility and realism.

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Another major criticism of the beta is the tendency for players to blend into the environment. Infinity Ward has tweaked the lighting and contrast to help with this.

Footstep audio also got an overhaul so that enemy players will have to get closer before hearing your footsteps, while teammate footsteps also got quieter overall.

The brand-new third-person mode also got a tweak. Aiming down sight no longer takes you to first-person mode unless you use a high-zoom optic (starting with the ACOG sight).

The user interface, which was also heavily criticised during the beta, got some improvements to make it more seamless to access loadouts.

You can check out the full list of changes here.

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