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Modders turn Steam Deck into Wii U GamePad

Learn how to spin up the setup.

Link in Wind Waker HD
Image credit: Nintendo

A group of Steam Deck fans have figured out how to support gyro controls in Wii U emulation, effectively turning Valve's portable PC into Nintendo's infamous Wii U GamePad.

Steam Deck HQ is a fan-run site dedicated to helping others configure their decks and set up programs to get the most out of the portable PC.

A newly-shared guide shows how to get the Steam Deck's gyro controls to work in Wii U emulation.

Cover image for YouTube video
Steam Deck launch trailer.

The group shared a video of the gyro controls on action in Twitter, showing it working in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD.

Steam Deck HQ's video features a dual screen setup, and it's also provided a guide on how to get that in place too. The dual screen setup fully emulates the experience of having a Wii U console set up on your TV whilst you hold the gamepad and its second, smaller screen.

The Steam Deck is perfect fodder for emulation, and it's brilliant to see people making full use of its features.

For those of you like me that don't have a Steam Deck (or a Wii U), there may still be hope for a Wind Waker HD port onto Switch yet.