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Minecraft Switch bug blocks some players from loading games

Not without a glitch.

The most recent update to the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft has seemingly introduced a bug which prevents players from playing the game.

The update was rolled out earlier this week on Tuesday, and contains fixes for "over 30" issues, as well as content in preparation for the upcoming 1.20 update.

Unfortunately, it also added the aforementioned bug, leaving some players unable to load their saves.

The latest information on Minecraft's next update.Watch on YouTube

Players have been reporting the bug on social media and the official Minecraft forum, where the game will get stuck loading the game at 66 percent, and then hang infinitely.

Some players on Xbox consoles and iOS devices have reported running into the same problem, though the majority of players affected are on Switch.

Mojang has confirmed it is aware of the issue, and the problem is currently listed on the Minecraft Jira board. Many players have shared their attempts at finding a workaround whilst Mojang works on a fix in the comments to the ticket, though at time of writing it desn't seem like one has been found.

Minecraft's 1.20 update was officially named Trails & Tales earlier this month, and will finally add the long-awaited archaeology system to the game.

Elsewhere, this morning Mojang announced Minecraft is now playable on select Chromebook devices through the ChromeOS browser. The game's Bedrock Edition is in early access, giving players the opportunity to "test the game's performance " before it's rolled out for everyone.

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