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Minecraft clone FortressCraft hits XBLIG

What would Notch think?

Indie hit Minecraft has an admirer: FortressCraft, a shameless clone, will launch on 4th March for either 80 or 240 Microsoft Points.

The game is broken down into seven chapters to be released every four to six weeks," creator ProjectorGames said.

A developer of the game even took to Minecraft's forum to explain how it works.

"Chapter 1 is basically Minecraft's Creative, Chapter 2 adds in crafting, Chapter 3 adds in life, Chapter 4 adds in machinery, Chapter 5 adds in Minions, Chapter 6 adds in PvP, Chapter 7 adds in Fortress Assault mode... (or whatever)."

Over on FortressCraft's official website, there is a heated debate over the legality of the game, with some speculating that Minecraft developer Mojang may take legal action.

A representative of ProjectorGames described FortressCraft to Eurogamer as "a game kind of like Minecraft for Xbox". "It will have 32 player online support with voice chat, and use avatars as the actual characters." A gameplay video is below.

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