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FortressCraft most successful XBLIG

Makes $1.2 million from 400,823 sales.

FortressCraft has made more money than any other Xbox Live Indie Game, developer ProjectorGames has announced.

As of today, FortressCraft has sold 400,823 copies for a total of 96,197,520 Microsoft Points. That's $1.2 million or £824,092.

FortressCraft costs 240 Microsoft Points (£2.06).

FortressCraft has 84 per cent trial to purchase conversion rate.

The US is the highest buying region with 253,212 purchases and 269,773 trials. The UK is the second highest with 73,618 purchases and 97,199 trials.

FortressCraft blatantly copies PC sensation Minecraft; use blocks to build almost anything in a retro-styled world, then invite friends over to marvel at your masterpiece.

The success of FortressCraft will have vindicated Microsoft's decision to commission a proper Minecraft game for Xbox Live Arcade, which is due out some time this winter.

Whether FortressCraft - a cleverly timed emulation of an experience not available on Xbox - can survive that launch of Minecraft remains to be seen.

ProjectorGames has "a massive update on its way" for FortressCraft that will add customisable blocks and server rankings.

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