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FortressCraft maker discusses Minecraft

Calls out "The Notch Defense Force".

The creator of Minecraft clone FortressCraft has called out what he describes as the "Notch Defense Force", and inisted his game is nothing like the indie phenomenon.

240 Microsoft Point (£2.06) title FortressCraft is the most successful game on the Xbox 360 Xbox Live Indie Game platform. It has generated over $1 million in revenue off the back of half a million sales.

Some have criticised it for being little more than a rip off of Marcus "Notch" Persson's Minecraft, but according to creator Adam Sawkins, those comparisons are unfair.

"The Notch Defense Force said things like 'you even stole the name,' but the actual gameplay is nothing like Minecraft," Sawkins told IGN.

Minecraft is due out on Xbox Live Arcade soon - putting the indie hit on the same console as FortressCraft - but Sawkins isn't concerned.

"Minecraft has been squeezed out of its own market," he said. "It might do well on the name alone, but if you want sexy graphics and shaders and the creative aspect, you have FortressCraft. If you want to fight monsters and share stuff with your friends, you have Total Miner. Nobody will pay for Minecraft when they can pay $3.00 for Total Miner or FortressCraft."