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Might And Magic 10: Legacy still broken, still being sold anyway

Following Ubisoft server shutdown.

Might & Magic 10: Legacy, a role-playing game released back in 2014, was recently included in a list of older games for which Ubisoft had decided to end online support. By doing so, however, Ubisoft also appeared to shut down DRM servers for Might & Magic 10: Legacy - leaving some players unable to access significant portions of the game's single-player content and its DLC. And despite these issues, the game and its DLC are still on sale.

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The server shutdown began on 1st June, after which players began to report problems accessing DLC areas from the game's The Falcon & The Unicorn expansion. Players who owned the DLC also found they were unable to play past Act 1 of the main game with the expansion installed. Some who bought the deluxe version reported they could no longer access the special in-game items included with that version (via PC Gamer).

Players have been creating their own workarounds for the problems, with some editing NPC dialogue to do so, but so far there hasn't been an official fix. Ubisoft told Eurogamer it is "aware and investigating the reported issues with our internal teams".

In the meantime, Might & Magic 10: Legacy remains on sale despite all the game-breaking issues (£20.99 for the standard edition, £25.99 for the deluxe edition and £5.89 for the DLC). This, of course, has invited a fair bit of review-bombing on Steam. Only 23 percent of the reviews left over the last 30 days have been positive, with players warning others not to buy a game that is currently "impossible to finish". And no, not in a FromSoft sort of way.

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