Might and Magic X Legacy

Might & Magic 10: Legacy review

Might & Magic 10: Legacy review

Misty watercolour memories.

Over the last few years, video games have quietly arrived at a hallowed place where creators - be they hobbyists or fully-fledged professional developers - have begun to look not to motion pictures and literature for inspiration, but to the medium's own history. This has resulted in as much navel-gazing as it has productive introspection, and so for every successful reimagining of a treasured slice of history, there's a franchise reboot or crowd-funded revival whose merits and miscues can be debated ad infinitum.

Nonetheless, many of these projects carry with them a sense of history being preserved and remembered; a feeling of heritage shared between different generations of likeminded people. It is from these roots that Ubisoft and Limbic Entertainment's Might & Magic 10: Legacy has grown.

Taking as its basis the form, structure and events of Might & Magic 6, Legacy is Limbic's attempt to pay homage to the golden age of the western RPG by harking back to its renaissance period. With its grid-based, first-person movement and turn-based combat, Legacy is not only unapologetically old-school but gleefully so. It rarely deigns to hold your hand or artificially cordon off areas of its largely open world that might be too tough for your low-level adventurers. Instead, it bids you to explore and to poke its fierce-looking fauna with a stick to see what manner of numbers pop out of its head - and whether those it elicits from your adventurers in return are too large to be successfully managed in a turn-based battle to the death.

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