Might & Magic: Heroes 6


VideoMight & Magic Heroes 6 statue vid

Archangel Michael in limited edition.

VideoBloody Might & Magic Heroes 6 vid

Ubisoft turn-based fantasy returns.

VideoMight and Magic Heroes VI CGI trailer

Strategy series returns in October.

Key events

Might & Magic Heroes 6: Pirates of the Savage Sea release date

Might & Magic Heroes 6: Pirates of the Savage Sea release date

10 extra hours of swashbuckling due next month.

The first Might & Magic Heroes 6 adventure pack, Pirates of the Savage Sea, will launch for PC on 12th July, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

The add-on will cost 7.99 on Steam, Ubishop and other digital retailers.

Pirates of the Savage Sea will star Might & Magic hero Crag Hack, appearing for the first time as a leading character in the world of Ashan.

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Ubi canned "Oblivion-style" Might & Magic

And tested "non-kill" FPS play in I Am Alive.

Ubisoft recently experimented with an "Oblivion-style" Might & Magic game though eventually ditched the concept, according to a developer resume.

Might & Magic Heroes VI beta dated

Might & Magic Heroes VI beta dated

Pre-order to gain early access.

A closed beta for Might & Magic Heroes VI goes live on 28th June, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

There'll be three solo maps and one multiplayer map available, with the latter allowing you play with up two friends.

To gain early access to the beta you'll need to pre-order the Black Hole-developed strategy RPG due out in September via UbiShop.

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Might & Magic Heroes VI delayed

Strategy RPG won't make June date.

Forthcoming PC RPG sequel Might & Magic Heroes VI has been pushed back from its planned June launch to 8th September, publisher Ubisoft has announced.