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Might & Magic Heroes VI delayed again

Now out in October.

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Forthcoming PC RPG sequel Might & Magic Heroes VI has been delayed again, this time from September to 13th October.

It was originally planned for launch in June, but in April was delayed to 8th September.

Publisher Ubisoft said this latest delay was down to feedback from gamers.

"During the first phase of the Beta you were very active and provided us with very valuable feedback: your suggestions about general balance, factions balance and bug reports were very useful to us," community developer Ubi_Irina wrote on the Ubisoft forum.

"Thus, we took the decision to delay the release of Might & Magic Heroes VI in order to secure a bit more time for the dev team to take into account your comments and deliver the best quality game."

The beta will now reopen on 16th August. All who pre-ordered the game will have access.

First announced back in August last year, the Black Hole-developed title adds a new Reputation system and online community features to the series' traditional turn-based strategy template.

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