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Midnight Ghost Hunt is this week's Epic Games Store freebie

And the next one is a "mystery game".

The Epic Games Store has booted Fallout: New Vegas up the bum and off its freebie list, making room for another free weekly title - which this time looks an awful lot like Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Midnight Ghost Hunt, from developer Vaulted Sky Games, is described as a "chaotic multiplayer hide-and-seek game" that casts one team of four as fearless Ghost Hunters and the other as naughty spirits intent on causing the former harm.

Ghost Hunters get the cool gadgets, as you might imagine, including a Spectrophone, Radar and Pathfinder for the spook detection bit, plus traps and vacuums to capture them, and a heap of more direct spectre-slaying tools, including sledgehammers, harpoons, and a cannon.

Let's Play Midnight Ghost Hunt with Outside Xbox.Watch on YouTube

Ghosts, however, must rely on more indirect means to harm Ghost Hunters, turning the environment against them by possessing furniture, causing it to float, even conjuring deadly miasma - and they get a few other handy supernatural powers too, including the ability to see through walls, even created a Hunter's doppelgänger. Oh and once the clock strikes midnight, ghosts turn supercharged and all hell breaks loose.

At present, Midnight Ghost Hunt is still in early access, and this pre-release version continues nine different maps, each requiring their own distinct approaches from both teams. There's a good old-fashioned spooky mansion, an abandoned theatre, an eerie doll factory, a deadly amusement park, even a cursed pirate ship.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is free to add your Epic Store library until next Thursday, 8th June. After that a different title gets the freebie treatment, but right now it's only listed as "mystery game".

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