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Microsoft rejected Move-style technology

"Kinect is innovation, not derivative."

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Microsoft's Chris Lewis has said that the Xbox 360 platform holder rejected technology based on "putting bits of plastic in people's hands" in favour of the "innovation" that Kinect offers consumers.

"I would say Kinect for 360 is innovation, it's not a derivative technology," Lewis, who is VP of interactive entertainment for Europe, told Eurogamer today when we asked him whether he was worried about PlayStation Move.

"We looked at technology that uses devices. Over our history we've been first to market with many things - high-definition, online streaming, the choices we give our consumers - and Kinect for 360 is this innovative step where you're not putting bits of plastic in people's hands in order to control the experience."

Asked to clarify whether he was saying Move is "derivative technology", Lewis said: "Well, I'm saying I think it's important to keep innovating.

"I'm saying we did look at that technology. And I'm saying we're excited about what Kinect does - taking consumers to a new dimension."

Lewis went on to reiterate that he believes Kinect will help to extend the Xbox 360 lifecycle considerably. "I'd say we're almost halfway through now," he said, describing that as "great for the industry [and] third-party developers".

Look out for our full interview with Chris Lewis at gamescom soon.

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