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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 gets November release date and stunning new trailer

Heads up.

A Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 trailer image showing a hot air balloon floating over Paris at sunset, with the Eiffel Tower visible in the distance.
Image credit: Asobo/Microsoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - the latest instalment in Microsoft's long-running aviation sim - launches for PC and Xbox Series X/S on 19th November, introducing aerial firefighting, cargo hauling, hot air balloon trips, and more.

Flight Simulator 2024 was announced last June, amid some controversy given developer Asobo had previously pledged to provide 10 years' worth of support for the 2020 iteration of the game. Since then, the studio has rather nebulously said it'll "continue to support" the current version after Flight Simulator 2024's release, but this year's outing is undoubtedly its focus.

And Flight Simulator 2024 launches with a frankly staggering list of activities, massively expanding the series' reach after a instalment predominatly focused on getting from A to B. There's aerial firefighting, search and rescue, helicopter cargo transport, air ambulances, crop dusting, mountain rescue, skydive aviation, aerial construction, cargo transport, air racing, glider piloting, scientific research, low altitude training, experimental trips, airship tours, hot air balloon trips, plus VIP charter and executive transport services. Oh and it somehow manages to be even more drop-dead gorgeous than its predecessor.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 release date trailer.Watch on YouTube

Over on its website, Asobo calls Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 the "most ambitious consumer flight simulator ever undertaken", one that features the "largest, most diverse and detailed fleet of aircraft, the most complete representation of airports and air traffic, and the most visually stunning rendition of Earth ever created".

While Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is officially a full-priced "standalone sequel" to 2020's outing, Asobo has previously confirmed it'll feature all "current aircraft and airports", and will support "virtually all" add-ons available in the current game's paid store, meaning players won't need to purchase them again. Expect plenty more details in the run-up to its newly announce 19th November release on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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