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Microsoft cheekily highlights how many PlayStation Showcase games will also be on Xbox

"What a good looking group."

Microsoft has cheekily pointed to the fact that many of tonight's big PlayStation Showcase announcements were also games you can play on Xbox Series X/S.

MGS3 remake Metal Gear Solid Delta, Bungie's new Marathon project, Alan Wake 2, Assassin's Creed Mirage and Dragon's Dogma 2 might not have featured Xbox logos in their trailers during Sony's show - but they are all coming to Xbox, as noted by tweet from Microsoft.

That tweet - posted right after Sony's show finished - is clearly meant as a bit of fun. But it does also highlight just how much of tonight's PlayStation Showcase will be available elsewhere.

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EA-published magic FPS Immortals of Aveum, Ghostrunner 2, eye-catching indie The Plucky Squire, voxel destruction game Teardown, Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean and The Talos Principle 2 will all be on Xbox, alongside Neva, the next project from the creator of Gris.

What won't come to Xbox? Colourful heist shooter Fairgame$, from recent PlayStation Studios inductee Haven. Neither will Helldivers 2, which looks to be once again published by PlayStation itself. Final Fantasy 16 is, of course, a major console exclusive from Square Enix, whose Splatoon-like Foamstars also appears to be PlayStation only. And last but not least, Spider-Man 2.

What did you think of tonight's PlayStation Showcase?

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