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Microsoft asks you to switch to Xbox's energy saver mode

Which also now downloads game and system updates.

Microsoft has called upon Xbox users to switch their consoles onto Energy Saver mode.

Did you know this option also now downloads game and system updates while your console is more fully powered down? It's an update Microsoft made available last year, but which largely flew under the radar at the time.

The change removes a key reason many keep their console in the energy-guzzling Instant On mode, which uses 20 times more power than Energy Saver.

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While the change isn't new, Microsoft promoted it last night as part of a blog post on its efforts to become more sustainable - and it's a worthwhile PSA.

It means you can save energy (and money on energy bills) by fully powering down your Xbox, and still not having to wait for an update to complete when you next switch it on.

Microsoft has also quietly made Energy Saver the new default power option - meaning new users have to opt into Instant On from here on out.

Microsoft has said that by 2030 it will design Xbox products and their packaging to be 100 percent recyclable. It has also begun using recycled materials in its Xbox Series S and controllers. Meanwhile, Azure datacentres, which power its cloud gaming, will run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2025.

"We also want to empower players to make more informed decisions that help reduce your impact," Microsoft wrote.

As well as switching to Energy Saver mode, other tips include making use of the company's trade-in or mail-back programs for money off or recycling of unwanted/broken products.

Last year, Eurogamer looked at gaming's all-digital future and what it meant for the climate crisis as part of a major report.

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