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MGS5: The Phantom Pain gets half an hour of new gameplay footage

Rocket arms, cardboard box-sledding and sneaky sabotaging.

Half an hour of new Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain footage has been unveiled and it shows off a host of nifty tricks we've not seen before.

One such maneuver is the ability to detach your bionic arm and control it like a guided missile. The robotic arm has a couple of other unique uses too. It's equipped with a sonar detector, so you can punch the ground to reveal the locations of nearby enemies, and you can use its jet propulsion motor to knock out a foe's lights in one hit.

The series' iconic Cardboard Box disguise has also been retrofitted with some new perks as well, like the ability to slide down hills in it like a bobsled.

Another slick move MGS5 adds is the ability to tell your sniper pal Quiet to shoot one of your grenades mid-toss, so it will ricochet into an enemy encampment.

We also get to see Snake's bulky Battle Dress, a heavily armoured garb that resembles a cross between a military uniform and scuba diving suit.

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The lengthy demo video shows four different ways of tackling a simple assassination mission early on. There's sneaking in with Quiet, taking the brute force approach by infiltrating a base via helicopter, a remote sniper-based tactic, and a Hitman-esque sabotaging strategy that involves placing C4 on an unsuspecting minion about to meet with their boss.

I've played roughly 15 hours of MGS5: The Phantom Pain and many of the methods revealed in this video are still new to me. Fans of the series will recall that previous entries have tons of advanced techniques and easter eggs that you could easily miss even after several playthroughs. The Phantom Pain appears to follow suit, only now with an even wider array of tactical options.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be out on 1st September for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version will follow sometime after.