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MGS4 Sackboys sighted in Asia

Festive LBP download confirmed, too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Kotaku has spotted that the Asian PSN website has details of the Metal Gear Solid Sackboy costumes for LittleBigPlanet up, and there are a couple of surprises.

The Hong Kong-based network has shown off not just a Solid Snake costume, but a cute stuffed version of Meryl, a hilarious Screaming Mantis, and a character pack featuring those three plus Raiden.

Also spotted was a level pack full of Metal Gear-related items with which you can presumably use in level creation, and then "send Sackboy into a covert world of stealth and intrigue".

There's no pricing on the PlayStation Store downloads. Kotaku says they'll be available for download on the Asian PSN tomorrow, 18th December, but we couldn't find any mention of that ourselves. LittleBigPlanet updates tend to go live globally, however, so expect a chance to buy these soon.

Confirmed for tomorrow, however, is the Festive level pack. The PlayStation blog has the details and an explanation of level packs. For USD 2.99, they offer grab-bags of costumes, objects, decorations and stickers for use in level creation.

The Festive pack has two new costumes (a Christmas tree headpiece and a wrapped Sackboy), wrapping paper material, a sleigh, a light, six decorations and plenty of stickers. It will only be available until January 8th.

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