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MGS4 listing a mistake - HMV

Xbox 360 version isn't real.

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High Street retailer HMV has admitted a pre-order listing for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the Xbox 360 was a mistake by its online admin team, is reporting.

The listing caused a stir over the weekend, with websites and forums assuming it was evidence that the anticipated PlayStation 3 title was no longer a Sony exclusive.

"In his enthusiasm, one of our online games team indicated that would start taking pre-orders for MGS4 on Xbox 360, when, in fact, he simply meant to ask customers if they wished to receive an alert in the event of this title one day coming out on this platform," admitted the retailer to

"We're sorry to have caused such a stir - the oversight has now been corrected."

Although Konami maintains that the latest title in the Metal Gear franchise is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, numerous reports and rumours - some from Konami employees themselves - have hinted that it may not remain on a single format in the future.

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