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MGS Peace Walker gets web game

Multiplayer puzzler Piece Walker.

Konami's putting considerable weight behind PSP Metal Gear Solid game Peace Walker. Case in point: a viral web-game based around matching squares in a grid of a greyed-out, game-related picture.

The meta-game is called Piece Walker and you can try before registering, although there don't appear to be any costs involved anywhere.

When playing, simply match your coloured piece to one on the grid to earn a point. There are keyboard shortcuts to speed-up placings and you can cycle through pieces, which is a useful tactic for collecting all the tiles in one area. Doing so bestows a bonus.

Catch the other player doing similar and you should consider stuffing a stick of dynamite in the middle of their pattern. This is a one-use only ability and will detonate all surrounding squares if triggered, relinquishing that player's hold over them.

There's a multiplayer option that matchmakes games, and there are rewards for winning and earning points, such as wallpapers (that's as far as I got).

Incidentally, we know isn't sparkly new, but this is the first we've seen of it and thought you would appreciate a tip.

Earlier today, Konami announced that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - the actual PSP game - will head to the UK on 18th June.