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Metroid Dread's £26 amiibo boost your health and ammo reserves

EMMI award.

Nintendo's upcoming Metroid Dread will be accompanied by a pair of amiibo figurines you can buy in a pack for $30 (UPDATE: UK pricing has gone live at £25.99 on Amazon).

Now, we know what these figurines will do when you first scan them into the game.

The pack's Samus amiibo will add an extra energy tank to your health, increasing its overall capacity by 100 HP. These permanent power-ups are often hard to find in Metroid games, but you'll get one easily here.

Cover image for YouTube videoMetroid Dread – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch | E3 2021

The EMMI robot amiibo, meanwhile, will grant an extra missile tank - again, another typically hard to find upgrade. This will boost Samus' missile capacity by 10.

Once tapped into your game for the first time, daily additional scans of both amiibo will let you replenish dollops of health and missiles respectively - so keep them to hand while playing.

Metroid Dread was announced during Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct, and is due to launch for Nintendo Switch on 8th October. A 2D side-scroller, it returns to the long-lost Metroid Dread concept which has been in (and mostly out) of development for the past two decades.