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Metroid Dread trailer reveals an iconic boss

And hints at answers to a big mystery.

Look, Nintendo, I was already pretty sure I would play Metroid Dread after that last trailer which teased new details on the series' mysterious Chozo race.

But, fair enough, today's trailer is even better. Metroid fans will be delighted at some of the previously-unseen stuff this video reveals - and to save spoiling it first, I'll just let you watch.

Cover image for YouTube videoSamus' greatest threat yet! – Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

Phew, okay. So, picking up from that last trailer, clearly here we have a very living and angry Chozo who Samus must fight. Why are they living? Why are they angry? I am looking forward to Metroid Dread providing answers to these questions.

I've written before about how the Metroid series has always been pretty coy about what happened to the Chozo, the bird-like race of warriors who seemingly vanished or went into hiding. We've had clues throughout various games in the series so far, though nothing like this.

On the Chozo, an accompanying press release for today's trailer includes this line, which I found interesting: "The Chozo were a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species who believed their purpose to be that of bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Eventually, the civilisation reached a breaking point, and living Chozo are now rarely seen." Hmm.

The other big thing, literally, in this trailer is Kraid. Metroid fans will of course recognise this hulking crocodile boss from various early entries in the series (and Super Smash Bros. Melee). Metroid Dread is chronologically the final game in the series to date, so it's interesting to see Kraid pop up again here.

Metroid Dread arrives on 8th October for Nintendo Switch - that's the same day as the launch of Nintendo Switch OLED - and also includes a storyline about some murderous robots. For more on all that, back at E3 I heard from Metroid's 2D series boss Yoshio Sakamoto on bringing Metroid Dread back from the dead.