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Metroid Dread trailer teases answers to a series-long mystery

Chozo wisely.

A new Metroid Dread teaser includes some fan-pleasing hints at a long-standing mystery.

The short video, below, focuses on a side to Metroid Dread we've not seen before - away from its murderous EMMI robots which pursue Samus throughout much of the game.

Let's watch, and discuss after:

Metroid fans will recognise the Chozo, the advanced avian race who raised Samus and created the Metroids themselves before apparently disappearing.

It looks like Metroid Dread will let Samus meet a Chozo in person, who will then provide flashbacks to a time when their race was still around in some numbers. Also, we see more of their Ancient Egyptian-like hieroglyphics. Very cool.

Where did all the Chozo go? We've had clues throughout various games in the series so far, though nothing quite like the kind of flashbacks we see in the trailer. The Chozo are referenced in almost every Metroid game, via some leftover statue or spiritual "ghost", though their fate or current whereabouts has been kept a mystery.

Will Metroid Dread fill in this detail? It's out for Nintendo Switch on 8th October if you want to find out.

For more on the game, Eurogamer heard from the series' 2D custodian Yoshio Sakamoto back at E3 in June on how the long-awaited Metroid Dread was brought back from the dead.

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